1/2 Pork Deposit

1/2 Pork Deposit


Our next 1/2 pork will be available November of 2020.


Final Cost: $3.50/lb hanging weight + $26.00 slaughter fee + $0.67/lb processing on hanging weight - less deposit.


Smoking, curing, and seasoning is an additional processing cost.


Estimated weights/cost:


Live weight on 1/2 pig: 125lb
Hanging weight on 1/2 pig: 90lb
Take-home meat on 1/2 pig: 60lb


Estimated end cost per lb on take-home meat: $6.80-$7.40


Pick-Up Details:


Glenview Acres LLC

1491 Manchester Ave SW

North Lawrence, OH 44666


Please email us at glenviewacresfarm@gmail.com to arrange a pick-up time. We do offer delivery for bulk orders.

1/2 Pork Deposit