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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Do people read blogs anymore? I guess we’ll see! But we’re excited to begin sharing some more in-depth behind the scenes here on the farm, and we hope you enjoy following along!

What you can expect from the blog:

- You’ll hear more from Joe. ;) If you haven’t picked up on it, Jen is typically the voice behind our social media pages, but Joe also loves sharing about the farm, especially when it’s time to go deep. He’s our in-house soil biology nerd. :) So expect to hear plenty of farm musings from him!

- Insights from regenerative farming that will help you make informed decisions about food

- Lots of behind the scenes

- Practical how-to’s from the farm

- Cooking inspiration and recipes (don’t worry, these will primarily be from Jen ;)!

- And lots more!

If you’d like to follow along and get notified whenever we share a new post, hit the subscribe button below, and you’ll hear from us soon!

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