About Us

Glenview Acres LLC is a 100% pasture-based farm where we believe that soil, animal, and human health are all intrinsically connected.


Before getting married in 2018, we (Joe and Jen Lautzenheiser) already shared an intrigue and vision for farming methods that follow nature’s patterns. For the past three generations, our farm was rented out for conventional row crops, but bit by bit we are reclaiming ground and regenerating the land using livestock and grazing management.


Our animals have the freedom and space to express their unique characteristics: cattle and sheep meander pasture and graze, pigs energetically root and explore, and chickens nibble in fresh grass every day. We are committed to the challenge and joy of a new type of farm, a place where people come to directly access clean food and participate in stewardship. (Learn more)

Joe & Jen Lautzenheiser

Stewarding Land - Connecting People