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Bulk Beef Info & Deposits

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Our Difference

Raised on pasture, our beef is 100% grass-fed from start to finish. Our animals naturally thrive in this healthy environment, and the result is beef that is significantly higher in important nutrients like Omega-3, vitamin E, and CLA, which provide powerful benefits to our bodies such as fighting cancer, inflammation, depression, and the list goes on...

100% Grass-Fed - from start to finish

Moved daily to fresh pasture

We practice rotational grazing, which means we move our cattle every day to fresh grass. 

Positive environmental impact


$4.00/lb hanging weight + processing fees*


Estimated total cost (includes processing) and take-home product:


1/4: $676-$807 (88-106 lb)

1/2: $1353-$1613 (176-212 lb)

Whole: $2706-$3226 (352-424 lb)

*processing fees are subject to change, since the butcher controls those rates

Place your reservation deposit. Then we'll let you know when your beef is taken in for processing

How It Works

You select your desired cutting instructions (see our recommended cut sheet) and call them in to our processor (or we can handle this for you)

After your beef is finished being processed (usually in 2-3 weeks), you pick it up at our farm store

We are now accepting deposits for June-October 2023

Place a deposit below to reserve your beef!

And please always feel free to reach out with any questions!