100% Grass-Fed Lamb

Shetland sheep are a heritage breed, which means they have been far less commercialized than your average meat sheep. Though small, they are still considered dual purpose (used for both meat and wool), and the lamb has a particularly mild flavor. The sheep are rotationally grazed, like the cattle, and are 100% grass-fed. Click Here to learn more about the benefits of grass-fed meat.

All of our products are pick-up only (no shipping). Our goal at Glenview Acres is to directly connect consumers to their food, enabling them to have a more active awareness and participation in responsible land stewardship. So come out to the farm, pick up your order, and actually see where your food is raised!


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via a phone call or email! We're happy to answer questions and also welcome visits to the farm.

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